My eBooks: Starting Out SMART in the Beauty Instagram Influencer Community

I wrote an eBook. Well 3 technically and I am pretty proud of myself! 😀

I like helping people and I like seeing people succeed and hit their goals no matter how big or small they are.

After spending years in Facebook beauty groups posting my tips, tricks and experiences about Instagram, beauty business and social media (some of my favourite topics to talk about!), I felt I had enough to say to produce an eBook so I started to write. I wrote and wrote everything I could think of that I would want to know if I wanted to be an “Instagram Beauty Influencer” – but most importantly how to ENJOY the platform. I see so many accounts “shut down” after they feel too much pressure to get the likes or followers and it shouldn’t be that way. It should be – “I love this and I just want to share!”

I ended up writing over 12,000 words which was a massive achievement in itself so I decided that I would put this out there for those who needed help. I decided to create a “freebie” for people who don’t already know me online and my style that they can get a taste of what their purchase will offer – and some tips of what to expect! Lastly, I decided to offer my collection of hashtags to download – hashtags seem to be the trickiest thing for people to grasp and its extremely time consuming to research ones that will make a difference!

From all this, also came the hashtag #digitalbeautybabes and the community I wanted to build – #digitalbeautybabes on Facebook, I wanted people to join together to learn from each other and show support in what can sometime’s seem as a competitive niche.

I believe you lead by example and that’s what I want to do. It’s how I want to use my influence.

So, that is how I came up with the 3 eBooks, if you want to hear what I have to say – visit 

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