Instagram Pods V Paid Advertising V Organic posts

I recently was involved in a discussion where someone was asking if paid advertising was like buying followers. Here is how I explained the difference of them all and how Instagram pods are cheating!


The question is  – is advertising/sponsoring your content in the same field as buying fake likes and comments…

Ads are different – you are showing your content to others in the hope you reel them in… think of it as fishing. You’re not getting likes, comments or follows from placing an ad. You’re getting eyes which may turn into any of those things if your content is right.

Buying an ad is like having a boat in a fishing contest and going out into the water and casting it out further so more fish can see you …. here is hoping you get some nibbles!

Pods, bought likes, etc is like turning up to the fishing content with fish you bought from the shop (or frozen!) and put onto your line and say – “hey look everyone look at me, see how many fish I caught!” Everyone flocks to you thinking “Wow! You must be a good fisherman” but it turns out … you didn’t catch a real fish, you cheated in the comp and the fish are dead and not engaging. Or you enter the fishing comp and don’t even try and catch a fish, instead you walk around the fishing comp saying to others  “if you give me a fish you’ve caught I’ll give you one and we’ll both look like winners [to instagram]” … that will make you both cheaters. Neither of you never caught a real fish, you traded a fish too with someone else to make it look like you caught more!

Organic would be like bank fishing…. standing where you are, just casting your content out if it’s good and right for that time, you’ll get a bite!

To keep going with the analogies – Hashtags are the bait in all this – the better your hashtags with your content and more nibbles you will find! 😉

Who wants to go fishing? 😀

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