Series 1 Episode 6 – @mymakeupdesk

@MYMAKEUPDESK If you asked me to name some extreme flatlay or killer flaylay accounts,  @mymakeupdesk will no doubt pop up in that list. Toni has made a name for herself as one of the top beauty flaylayers on Instagram with over 26,000 followers. Her photography and editing skills are always crisp, clean and on point! She also has a make up collection most makeup junkies can only dream of! I spoke to Toni about her new baby boy, her photography tips and that colour pop photo that went crazy viral …



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Series 1 Episode 5 – @hannah_schroder

@HANNAH_SCHRODER Hannah has been one of my biggest inspirations in the beauty blogger community and I am proud to be a follower of her accounts for many years! She has been one of the most approachable and friendly bloggers I’ve met online and is always giving back to her followers with her time and makeup giveaways. She loves to share her fashion and beauty tips with with her personality shining and spreads positivity & self love with her content no matter what platform she’s on! With over 72,000 followers on YouTube (and 4 millions views and counting!) and then with over 36,000 followers on Instagram she is one of Australia’s rising social media beauty bloggers and she talks to us about her persistence with social media, working with Loving Tan and her love of flipping houses…

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Series 1 Episode 4 – @makeupanzy

@MAKEUPANZY This week’s interview is with Anna Pettersen. She is a Norwegian living in Australia and creating cut creases and halo eye looks that Instagram is going crazy for! She’s taken her distinct makeup style and grown a large engaged following in a short time with reposts from her favourite brands and skills that make us want to follow so we can see what comes next! She has taken the time out of her busy social media and university life to talk to me about gaining the attention of Anastasia Beverly Hills, taking her makeup across the world and how she gets those close up snaps…

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Series 1 Episode 3 – @the_makeupmama

@THE_MAKEUPMAMA When I decided I wanted to do this series, Sophie was someone I really wanted to interview. When I started my YouTube account she was in a group of girls who did a collab with me almost a year ago (here)- they all had hundreds of followers and I had like 10 – I felt a real support from her and the girls, and since then Sophie has continued to watch, comment, like my YouTube and Instagram content – to me, she’s the real deal when it comes to being the in beauty community and doing this to truley engage and support fellow beauty junkies! Sophie has over 600 followers on YouTube and over 1300 followers on Instagram and fits her social media life into her brand new job of being a new Mum! She talks to me about being genuine, collaborating with others and being an anti-Mac girl…

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Series 1 Episode 2 – @jess_bunty

@JESS_BUNTY Most people follow others for their content first and learn about them as a person second … I followed Jess the other way around. I was introduced to her when I saw her reply to someone we mutually follow on Twitter and found her funny, witty and down to earth. When diving deeper into who Jess is, I discovered she’s based in the Gold Coast and is a skincare/acne and cruelty free/vegan beauty blogger with over 92,000 followers on YouTube and from there I’ve been following her around her videos, Instagram stories and of course – tweets. Along with her extensive video library on acne and accutane, she dives into beauty related content with reviews on foundations for those with oily/acne skin types and shows us her tutorials and secrets for covering and concealing! Jess took her time out to talk to me about the theft of her images, bringing value to people and how her video on fading acne scars has been seen over 7 millions times…


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Series 1 Episode 1 – @brokebypayday

@BROKEBYPAYDAY As a long time follower and someone I now call one of my dear friends, I really wanted to open this series with Holly.  She is hilarious, kind, generous and witty all wrapped in one and it shows in her content, instastories and “dad jokes” we get at Christmas time. Her makeup collection is envied by all beauty lovers and her beauty flay lays, curated to perfection are shared all over social media and with over 22,000 followers in almost 4 years, she’s set her place in the online beauty community. Keep reading to hear about the beginning of her journey, the toothbrush she still has and the time Kylie Jenner got in contact with her… Continue Reading

Inside The Influencers Studio

I am so excited to share with you all the next chapter of my domain – I will be bringing you interviews with your favourite instagrammers, youtubers and social media users! I’ll be talking with those who have had highs and lows in the social media world and those who are starting out building a brand or a following.

I have a vision to create a resource for those starting in their own social media journeys to learn from those who are in the same position or were there at some stage.

If you have any questions you are wanting to ask social media influencers, want to suggest who I can interview or if you’re a social media influencers or blogger yourself who would love to take part please email me at

Look out for my first interview in the upcoming week with one of my favourite Instagramers!