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@TANYA.MUA Tanya has such an interesting social media story so far. I met her at an event for the first time a year ago and I remember chatting to her and congratulating her on her “Insta Baddie” viral video which had helped her jump from [approx] 10,000 followers on Instagram to 20,000 in what seemed in a blink of an eye. Her original video post has now been seen over one million times and has been shared on some of the largest beauty accounts in the world. Fast forward 12 months and she has now over 128,000 Instagram followers and has consistently put out new looks and has taken on pop culture trends. Tanya talks to us about to ugly side of viral content, the worth of social media influencers and the art of giving back.

Hi Tanya, thank you for chatting with us! Let’s start of with our fast 5 – who are you, what do you do, where are you, when did you start and why?
I’m Tanya, I am a professional Makeup Artist and Social Media Influencer from Victoria, Australia. I started Social Media about 5 years ago for fun and because clients asked if I ran classes, so I started filming.

What has been your most successful piece of content you’ve created? What makes content successful?
My most successful piece of content was my “Insta Baddie” mini tutorial – It was my most reposted and viewed content.

I N S T A B A D D I E 🔪🔪🔪 ! GUYS UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS. NOT. A. NORMAL. MAKEUP. ROUTINE. IT. IS .INSTA. BADDIE. RELAX. * * * * * BROWS: @benefitaustralia Browvo! Conditioning primer 06 Preciously, my brow pencil 06 Goof proof brow pencil 06 Ka-brow 06 Brow Zings 05 Gimme brow 02 3D Browtones Ready Set Brow! High Brow High and Glow EYES: @pinkyrosecosmetics transition palettes @anastasiabeverlyhills @Norvina AURORA glow kit @zoevacosmetics liquid liner FACE: @marcbeauty remarcable foundation @nyxcosmetics_australia contour kit @anastasiabeverlyhills AURORA glow kit LIPS: @jeffreestarcosmetics velour liquid lip in Dominatrix @amrezy @theamrezycollection in Spotlight in the center! * * * #hairmakeupdiary #makeuptutorialsx0x #linerandbrowsss #fakeupfix #dailygirlsfeed #universomakeup #stylevideo #videosfashions #makegirlz #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #bretmansvanity #maquiagem #anastasiabeverlyhills #peachyqueenblog #brian_champagne #hairofinstagram #makeupforbarbies #allmodernmakeup #universodamaquiagem_oficial #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupvideoss #allmodernmakeup #makeupslaves #shimycatsmua #melformakeup #maryhadalittleglam #jeffreestarcosmetics @wakeupandmakeup @allmodernmakeup @peachyqueenblog @brian_champagne

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Explain the exciting whirlwind that comes with a having content going viral.
As amazing as it sounds, it’s not all amazing – it was amazing seeing all new people, gaining a lot of new followers, but with that there was a lot of hate and nasty comments and accusations from fellow influencers.

Did you expect the negative comments that came along with so many positive ones, and how did they take a toll on you?
I didn’t expect all of the negative comments I received  – it was pretty much the most negativity I’ve ever had, so it was a big slap in the face and I got pretty down about it – deleted the IG app from my phone for about a week to take time out and eventually came back.

How do you fit social media into your everyday life?
I usually make sure I have an hour or 2 spare to work on my content. I spend maybe 10 or so hours per week on it – I try not to work on it too much over the weekends.

K I M – M E T G A L A Please tag @makeupbymario @kimkardashian babes! 😍 DEETS: @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Brow Wiz in Granite Duo Brow in Granite Brow Gel ABH Brush No.12 Soft Glam palette Saddle bronzer @amrezy highlight @lorealaustralia @balmain lipstick Urban Safari #browwiz #makeupbymario #hairmakeupdiary #abhbrows #anastasiabrows #kimkardashian #metgala #anastasiabeverlyhills #linerandbrowsss #fakeupfix #dailygirlsfeed #universomakeup #stylevideo  #videosfashions  #makegirlz  #wakeupandmakeup #morphebrushes #maquiagem #peachyqueenblog #hairofinstagram #makeupforbarbies #universodamaquiagem_oficial #makeupartistsworldwide #allmodernmakeup #makeupslaves #shimycatsmua  #maryhadalittleglam @makegirlz @bombtutorial @allmodernmakeup @muholics @fakeupfix

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What was the first brand or sponsorship you worked with and how did it come about?
First one I ever worked with (unpaid) was Maybelline’s M: Edition – Paid from what I can remember was Australis, creating content for a new product that was coming out at the time. I was contacted via Instagram and E-mail and it all went from there.

How did you develop your ongoing relationship with brands and other people you have had collaborations with?
I only ever work with brands that I love and that’s all I’ll ever do. I’d rather have less sponsorships and stay true to my followers that have put their trust in me to let them know if something’s worth buying or not.  I don’t treat brands any different to anybody else, I do not put them up on pedi stools or anything like that, just like in the outside world, you treat people the way you’d like to be treated and I find being your authentic self really helps as well.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to turn their social media influence into an income?
Don’t do it for the money and don’t do it for the fame. Do it for the passion and the rest will fall in to place. Make sure your content is good quality and eye catching. Always ALWAYS engage with your followers, even if its just a thank you reply to their comments, or a random like on their content etc. Don’t be a person that doesn’t return the love and always take without giving back.

B R I G H T L I G H T S – E A S T E R Flash back to this cray look for Easter! I’m not sure what this is – I just wanted to use every shade in the palette 🤣 BROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina brow duo in Granite EYES: @pinkyrosecosmetics bright lights and center stage palettes FACE: @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty faux filter foundation in tres leches @lancomeofficial foundation @marcbeauty @maxmedialab bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills @nicoleguerriero glow kit LIPS: Marcbeauty lipstick in purr-fect #hairmakeupdiary #makeuptutorialsx0x  #linerandbrowsss #fakeupfix #lancomeau #dailygirlsfeed #universomakeup #stylevideo  #videosfashions  #makegirlz  #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #bretmansvanity #maquiagem  #anastasiabeverlyhills  #peachyqueenblog  #brian_champagne  #hairofinstagram #makeupforbarbies  #allmodernmakeup #universodamaquiagem_oficial #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupvideoss #allmodernmakeup #makeupslaves #shimycatsmua #melformakeup #maryhadalittleglam

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You’re very vocal on your social media accounts about knowing your worth as an influencer and brands paying for the work an influencer does. Why is it important to you to bring attention to this?
It’s so important!! So many brands try to offer free product in exchange for a post – when in reality we are putting in all of the hours creating the content and putting these products forward to potential customers that might purchase their products…. And unfortunately product doesn’t pay bills.

I’ve had some insulting offers – some brands don’t take influencers seriously, and they need to start to – because without all of the influencers on Social Media, these brands wouldn’t be doing as well as they are without some big names to help them along the way.

What apps/programs do you use the most to create your content? 
I use “Final Cut Pro X” to edit my videos and I use FaceTune to edit my photo content if needed.

M E C C A L A N D 😍 YOU GUYS! Any of you going to @meccamaxima #meccaland today are going to have so much fun!!!!! We had SUCH an amazing time!!!! Even better because I got to spend it with my favorite people in the world!!!!! Met so many amazing brands and people! @meccamaxima @_jesstarrant thanks SO MUCH for making it what it was! We had an amazing time! 😍 Dress: @citychiconline #meccamaxima #festival #hairmakeupdiary #makeuptutorialsx0x  #linerandbrowsss #fakeupfix #dailygirlsfeed #universomakeup #stylevideo  #videosfashions  #makegirlz  #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeaty #maquiagem #peachyqueenblog  #shophudabeauty #hairofinstagram #makeupforbarbies  #allmodernmakeup #makeupartistsworldwide #allmodernmakeup #makeupslaves #morphebrushes

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What has been the high and low of being on social media?
The highs are definitely meeting some of my best friends and I know that without social media, it wouldn’t have happened and also talking to so many different people and having so much inspiration to keep going. The lows are all of the online bullying and disgusting people that have nothing better to do than pick your life apart when they only see a photo or video here or there and go of assumptions.

Who have been your biggest influences on social media and what makes you want to follow an account?
My influences are my followers – they might not know this but I check out their accounts and contact random followers that I know have been supporting me and send them a little gift here and there. I follow accounts that inspire me, and push me to be more creative.

If social media died tomorrow what would your next path be creatively or professionally? 
I would probably go back to what I was doing before social media. Doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan!

You can find Tanya on Instagram at @tanya.mua and on YouTube under Tanya MUA. She also has her own makeup brand called Charobella.

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