Series 1 Episode 12 – @shanicejade_makeup

@SHANICEJADE_MAKEUP With series 1 of Inside The Beauty Influencers Studio coming to an end I find it really fitting to interview Shanice. When I created this series, I had in mind that it could help those with a beauty passion see into the inside workings of what a beauty influencer or blogger does. Thier journey and advice to be taken in and then to inspire those who want to learn and be beauty content creators. Within the last 12 months, Shanice has started working as a makeup artist, ranked in the top 30 for the 2018 NYX Professional Makeup Australian Face Awards, attended her first beauty industry event and celebrated gaining 1000 followers on Instagram! She is the picture of where hard work, persistence and a passion can take you…

Hello, my fellow Horsham-ite! For those who haven’t had the pleasure – tell them who are you, what do you do, where are you, when did you start and why?
Hi there! I’m Shanice Green also know as @shanicejade_makeup on Instagram I’m 26 years old, I’m from a small town in Victoria called Horsham. I’m a self-taught freelance makeup artist who adores beauty, I started in July 2017 when I had a career change to show others that you can feel beautiful in your own skin.

Let’s talk about some of the big things first! Congratulations on making the top 30 of the NYX Face Awards – tell us entering the competition. What was the best thing about entering the competition?
The best thing was getting to make lots of beauty friends and being able to go as crazy and creative as I wanted with my entries.

What would be your advice be for anyone looking at entering next year?
Make sure you prepared but most importantly have fun, give it a shot – you have nothing to lose by entering!

You recently came back from the Face Awards in Melbourne which was your first beauty event! What was it like?
It was absolutely incredible and I had so much fun! I finally got to meet everyone and experience what beauty events are all about. So much glitz and glamour, I can’t wait to go to more of them!

What has been your most successful piece of content you’ve created? 
My most successful piece is my entry to the NYX Face Awards being my entry it really gave me the confidence boost to keep creating fun makeup looks which I love to do.

How do you fit social media into your everyday life?
That’s a hard question, I try not to be deep into my phone but basically night times before bed I check my socials and during the day when I have a spare moment

You recently hit 1000 followers on Instagram! What do you find helps grow your account on Instagram?
I found tagging brands and using correct hashtags really helped but also making sure I connected with other Instagramers – when you support others, they support you.

@beautybombsau makeup brush mini review. 🧜‍♀️ 💖🙌🏻 First of let me say these are so incredibly soft and look absolutely gorgeous in my beauty room. I was super surprised how well they worked, they applied my foundation seamlessly and even blended out my concealer how I like. I was most impressed with how easy there were to use blending out my eyeshadow 😱💕 IM SHOOK. The only thing I would have to fault on these are the brushes aren’t all the same colour handles, some were more pinky gold, some were more slivery gold but honestly you can’t tell unless your really looking into them. 🙌🏻 This set is $38.99 AUS and I think that’s super reasonable you get 10 brushes. I’m so excited to share my first Instagram video 🤷🏼‍♀️👏🏼 Don’t forget you can save 10% at checkout using the code shaz10. #makeuplover #beautybombau #brushreview #beautiful #rosegold #mermaidbrushes #makeupheaven #undiscovered_muas #1minutemakeupvideo #mua #benifitcosmetics #juviasplace #kyliecosmetics #rimel #nyxcosmeticsaustralia #toofaced #flowerbackdrop #hudabeauty #makeuptutorials #tutorials #meccamax #fiercewomen #beautybombs

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What was the first brand or sponsorship you worked with and how did it come about?
The first brand was @beautybombsau they wanted me to give them a review of their brushes, they simply private messaged me and I was happy too.

What is your beauty studio set up for creating content?
I have a set of Alex draws from IKEA, 2 softbox lights and I mainly use my iPhone for all my pictures apart from when I film for my YouTube. I use my camera which is a SonyA5000

What has been the high and low of being on social media?
Highs would be the love and support form other beauty lovers the lows are the nasty comments but the highs always out way the lows.

Who have been your biggest influences on social media and what makes you want to follow an account?
Shaaanxo, Hannah Schroder and Jeffree Star are my all time favourite people on social media. If someone out there is as beauty crazy as me, I’m happy to follow them!

If social media died tomorrow what would your next path be creatively or professionally?
Still makeup but possibly focusing on creating amazing pastries – I am also a chef by trade!

Lastly to end the first series of Inside The Influencer’s Studio – who would you like to see me interview next?
Michelle Teeken who is @mteeken_makeup on Instagram! hehe

Shanice can be found on Instagram at @shanicejade_makeup and on YouTube under Shanice Green

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