Series 1 Episode 6 – @mymakeupdesk

@MYMAKEUPDESK If you asked me to name some extreme flatlay or killer flaylay accounts,  @mymakeupdesk will no doubt pop up in that list. Toni has made a name for herself as one of the top beauty flaylayers on Instagram with over 26,000 followers. Her photography and editing skills are always crisp, clean and on point! She also has a make up collection most makeup junkies can only dream of! I spoke to Toni about her new baby boy, her photography tips and that colour pop photo that went crazy viral …



  Welcome to Inside The Influencers Studio! Please let everyone know who you are! I’m Toni and I’m 26 from Melbourne, Australia. I am a beauty blogger and influencer over at @mymakeupdesk. I started my Instagram account in 2014 when my son sadly passed away at 9 weeks old. Makeup helped me get my confidence back and helped me grieve. It is truly amazing how powerful makeup can be and how it can make you feel.

Congratulations on your new little baby! How are you finding being a mum and a blogger? How do you fit social media into your everyday life?

Thank you! Oh my god it is so hard I haven’t blogged in so long. My struggle is do I spend quality time with Hunter or do I take photos or do I do the housework or nap while he is sleeping. It is very hard to find time but I try my hardest with social media and posting on my Instagram.

How many hours a week do you work on your social media?
Well before Hunter it literally was every time I was on my phone now its when I get a chance or when my partner Matt is home from work. I use this time for shooting photos, editing, catching up on emails etc.
What has been your most successful piece of content you’ve created? What makes content successful?
Hmm i think the one photo of my colour pop eyeshadow collection it just went absolutely viral and I gained a tonne of followers from it and my account really started to grow. For content to be successful it really depends, I’ve had photos I wasn’t even happy with and they go viral and get a tonne of engagement it is so strange. I always aim for bright, clear images, to me that is most successful.
How did you develop your ongoing relationship with brands and other people you have had collaborations with?
By supporting the brand! I will never post a product I don’t genuinely love or use. This is so important and comes before money does. After a sponsored post I will continue to use the products and most likely post about it again.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to turn their social media influence into an income?
You need to be dedicated and committed you can not just do it for the money you need passion and drive. I make a little money here and there which is a bonus and goes straight back into buying new makeup.

Invite us into your studio and let us know what is your studio set up? What did you use when you started your social media journey?
I currently use a Canon 70D and Sony A6000, natural lighting of course, 2 white boards a reflector and photoshop for editing. When I first started taking photos I used a shitty little $200 click and shoot camera and when I look at those photos they were horrific. I also used to use 3 soft boxes and a white tent with NO natural lighting. Looking back I find natural lighting is really best.

Your photography is always so spot on – how have you educated (professionally or self) yourself on perfect the perfect shot? 

I just taught myself, I would hassle my friends who are photographers for tips and I would learn by watching YouTube.

What is your number one advice to someone who is struggling to get that shot of theirs right?

I get this question all the time and my biggest piece of advice is use natural lighting you don’t even need a fancy camera you just need the perfect lighting, I even surprise myself sometimes when the lighting is perfect.

What has been the high and low of being on social media?

Working with brands has been incredible, I am so grateful for the opportunities I get, the gifts I receive and the events I get to attend. It honestly all feels like a dream. The lows would have to be the bullies, some people are so mean and thats one reason why I rarely post my face on my account.

Who have been your biggest influences on social media and what makes you want to follow an account?
@thehanihanii was one of the first beauty accounts I ever followed and I absolutely love her photos. I also adore @wendyonline’s account and @mrslanglam is another favourite. I follow them because of their photos, I love how they style their photos.
If social media died tomorrow what would your next path be creatively (or professionally)?
I am honestly not even sure I’ve never really thought about it, I would just continue buying makeup and playing makeup.

I love that answer. Lastly, who would you like to see me interview next? 

Amea May, she is one of my besties in the beauty community and her content is killer.

You can find Toni on Instagram at @mymakeupdesk and at @mymummyblog

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