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@JACINTAVUKOVIC You know when you lock eyes with someone across a busy train and you know there is something special there …. well thats how Jacinta and I first met … haha kinda. After the Jordan Liberty Masterclass (AMAZING!) in Melbourne earlier this year we were both on a train and noticed we had NYX Professional Makeup goodie bags in hand and well the rest was history! Well for like five minutes and then I got off at my stop. We had enough time to chat about the class and how amazing Jordan is, swap Instagrams and find out we we’re in the same makeup groups on Facebook! Since then we’ve been big supporters of each other ever since – she is a SUPER talented lip artist and all round beautiful girl. With over 3,000 followers on Instagram she talks to be about creative blocks, her social media inspiration and how her Instagram account lead her to University… 

Hello Gorgeous! Can you please let us know who are you, what do you do, where are you, when did you start and why?

I am Jacinta Vuković, a Makeup Artist from Melbourne, Australia. I started a makeup Instagram in 2015, which then lead me to study a Diploma of Specialist Makeup at Victoria University in 2016. I had a passion for makeup since the age of 14, it was my escape. So 7 years later at the age of 21 I decided to take a chance and follow what I love.

How do you fit social media into your everyday life? 

A couple days a week I try to dedicate to social media and creating my content. If I have spare time I will just go and create, as long as it’s still light outside, as I only use natural light for my pictures at the moment. I try to also plan for when I create, so I’ll know what look I want to do and also the day I’ll try and do it. I’m on Instagram everyday mostly checking out other creators work, that keeps me inspired and motivated.

How many hours a week do you work on your social media?

I like to at least spend 10 hrs on work for my social media, whether that’s creating looks or being interactive with my followers and stories.

What has been your most successful piece of content you’ve created? What makes content successful?

My most successful piece of content by numbers is my honey comb clipart! What I find successful is when I create new content and see how far my skills have come and how every time I post I can see an improvement, to me that is success!

What was the first brand or sponsorship you worked with and how did it come about?

The first brand I have worked with is @Bespokebeautyco_ (now @kalistobeauty). The owner, Brianna posted on Instagram that she wanted someone to do lipart swatches with her liquid lipsticks. My friend recommended me and the rest is history. Wonderful brand to work with and her products are phenomenal!

How did you develop your ongoing relationship with brands and other people you have had collaborations with?

My relationship with brands has happened naturally, they most likely have contacted me to work with them. At the moment I’m in the stage of reaching out to brands though and broadening my network. I have only done a few collaborations, mostly with people I know or gotten to know through Instagram.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to turn their social media influence into an income?

The advice I would give is make sure you love what you create! Be consistent (I haven’t been lately) even if it’s uploading once a week. As for turning it into an income, I’m still figuring this out myself. Once I know I’ll let you know!

What is your studio set up? What did you use when you started your social media journey?

When I first started Instagram I was using my iPhone 6, I eventually moved up to a iPhone 7+. Then last year in October I made a big purchase and got my Canon 80d baby! Best decision I ever made! As for lighting I have only ever used natural lighting, my bedroom has the best light!

Finally for editing, for smoothing I use Facetune and for everything else I use Adobe Photoshop as I shoot my photos in raw format.

What has been the high and low of being on social media?

The high for me has definitely been my followers and the community on Instagram, I have experienced nothing but love and support, plus getting to create art is so freeing. The low for me is definitely experiencing creative block, your heart wants to create but the mind just won’t corporate.

Who have been your biggest influences on social media and what makes you want to follow an account?

My biggest influences on instagram is @vladamua @girlgreybeauty @lxstv @ditteshaal @danessa_myricks and @jordanliberty. They have such unique and creative style and there work it absolutely flawless.

What makes me want to follow someone is there uniqueness, I love seeing something different!

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If social media died tomorrow what would your next path be creatively or professionally? 

If social media died tomorrow I’d still be creating my lip art, I absolutely enjoy doing it. I’d never stop doing it’s what I love and being creative with lip art is a outlet for me to relax and have fun.

Who would you like to see me interview next?

Ohh this is difficult to choose! I’d love you to interview @katytolj – her artistry is absolutely amazing!

Jacinta can be found on Instagram at @jacintavukovic and at @artistrybyjacinta

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