Series 1 Episode 7 – @heygorgeousxxx

@HEYGORGEOUSXXX Chloe Jacobs is cute as a button. She just is. I kinda feel that’s all I need to say with this intro. With over 21,000 followers on YouTube and over 9,000 on Instagram this Kiwi is someone you just want to be friends with. She can be found actively all over social media, but YouTube is her baby. She creates beauty tutorials, story time videos, DIY projects, products reviews and much more. She talks to me about connecting with her followers, the hard yards of YouTube and her love of ancient artifacts…

Welcome Chloe! Give us the first 5 – who are you, what do you do, where are you, when did you start and why? 
Hi Guys! I’m Chloe, a New Zealand beauty YouTuber who loves makeup! I started my YouTube channel a long time ago because I realised I don’t have many people in my life that share the same passion as me and want to get creative. I now have over 21 thousand followers on YouTube and the bonus of being able to chat to so many new people from all around the world!
What is your favorite piece of content to create?
My favourite content to create are those videos where you have absolutely no plan of creating anything like it then a topic or look just pops in to your head and you get so excited about filming something new and have to get on to it straight away!
What has been your most successful piece of content you’ve created? What makes content successful?
I am still yet to have my ‘viral’ video moment as most people would say thats their most successful piece of content. Mine personally are those videos where I get lots of comments from friendly followers. It just makes me so happy being able to chat with so many different people who actually want to watch my content and are genuinely interested in watching my dorky self!
How do you fit social media into your every day life? 
This is so bad but generally thats how I start my day! I know bad habits die hard but I always start my day scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and then through out the day I’ll pop on to my social media to check things or to get inspired.. Youtube is a massive social media platform I use also, I’m constantly watching random videos each day I can’t seem to keep away.
How many hours a week do you work on your social media?
I work on my YouTube quite a lot, I try to make sure my following always feels appreciated but it can be quite hard to find time to fit all social media in as I work full-time as a store manager and also study basically full-time around that! I try my hardest to balance everything but YouTube definitely gets a hold of my social media time as I try to post at least once a week! Instagram is now becoming a high priority to so watch this space.
What was the first brand or sponsorship you worked with and how did it come about?
I’ve had quite a lot of companies contact me wanting to collaborate but the first main brand that I worked with would have been when I was asked if I’d like to be sent a Tiny Tea detox package. I was still a very new Youtuber and didn’t have many videos out but this company emailed me saying they loved how positive I was and would love to send me out some tea to try. Fast forward to actually trying the tea I decided to film a video about it and it was a great experience! They didn’t expect anything from me which was why I was so open to trying their product, it was great!

How did you develop your on going relationship with brands and other people you have had collaborations with?
When it comes to on going relationships with brands and other people I kind of just go with the flow. I have a strong belief that I don’t need to change my personality or the way I act for anyone and it seems to work really well! I just try to be myself and it believe that everything happens for a reason which has lead me to create some great relationships in this industry. I will also always share how grateful I am as I understand there are so many other influencers out their that could have been offered the opportunities I have been.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to turn their social media influence into an income?
I think people just really need to be themselves on their social media! So many people change themselves in to the people they believe everyone wants to see and then they become another person in a crowd and not an individual. Be individual, be yourself and have fun! People can tell if you are actually enjoying yourself or just putting it on so do what you love and not what you think people want to see!
What is your studio set up now and what did you use when you started your social media journey?
I am so basic! Natural lighting, a ring light and my camera is all I use for filming. I don’t own anything to fancy like a microphone etc.. I like to keep it simple! I still use the same camera I started with as well, so my throw back to when I first started is the camera I still use and natural lighting. Not much has changed!
What apps/programs do you use the most to create your content? 
I don’t really use many apps etc.. probably because I’m not good at it! But I edit my videos on iMovie for YouTube and an app I really like to use is Phonto to watermark my Instagram photos as well. I’m not very skilled with editing etc, still a work in progress! haha.
What has been the high and low of being on social media?
The high of being on social media is meeting all these new amazing people and being able to chat with people from all around the world. I love being able to share my passion of beauty with people from all locations. The low is seeing people become ‘famous’ who seem to be extremely negative or promote negative behaviour.. I struggle with seeing people rising to ‘fame’ who don’t promote kind behaviour. I love to see genuine and positive people succeed and I am also extremely fortunate that I don’t generally have to deal with nasty comments etc!
Who have been your biggest influences on social media and what makes you want to follow an account?
I don’t actually have anyone who extremely influences me on social media, I am literally the definition of a chameleon! Somedays I am loving people like Desi Perkins or Tammy Hembrow and other days all I want to watch is Pew Die Pie! I will follow anyone who looks like they are sharing their passion or enjoying life.. I don’t really like following accounts that look 100 percent structured I tend to get bored easily seeing overly structured.
If social media died tomorrow what would your next path be creatively (or professionally)? 
I think I would carry on in the job I am currently in managing a makeup store! I love it I get to be creative all the time on so many different people with makeup looks. I have always wanted to work with ancient artefacts as well.. random I know!
Who would you like to see me interview next? 
Ohhh tough question! Maybe someone more healthy lifestyle based.. lets just throw out Tammy Hembrow! She would be amazing.

You can find Chloe on Instagram @heygorgeousxxx, on Facebook at, on Twitter at @xxxHeyGorgeous and on YouTube at Hey Gorgeous xxx – Chloe Jacobs

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