Series 1 Episode 5 – @hannah_schroder

@HANNAH_SCHRODER Hannah has been one of my biggest inspirations in the beauty blogger community and I am proud to be a follower of her accounts for many years! She has been one of the most approachable and friendly bloggers I’ve met online and is always giving back to her followers with her time and makeup giveaways. She loves to share her fashion and beauty tips with with her personality shining and spreads positivity & self love with her content no matter what platform she’s on! With over 72,000 followers on YouTube (and 4 millions views and counting!) and then with over 36,000 followers on Instagram she is one of Australia’s rising social media beauty bloggers and she talks to us about her persistence with social media, working with Loving Tan and her love of flipping houses…

Hello Hannah! For those who haven’t come across you yet – please tell us who are you, what do you do, where are you, when did you start and why? 
My name is Hannah Schroder, from regional NSW, Australia, I am a receptionist by day, Beauty Vlogger by night. I started my social media journey in April 2015, because I was bored essentially! I use to spend all my free time watching beauty related YouTube content and I decided I wanted to try doing it.
What is your favorite piece of content to create?
I get an abnormal amount of satisfaction from makeup organisation but I really enjoy filming fashion try on hauls and doing makeup reviews too.
What has been your most successful piece of content you’ve created? What makes content successful?
On YouTube my fashion content generates the most views and on Instagram my makeup organisation videos have gone viral on multiple occasions. I think it has been successful for a few reasons… firstly because of persistence.. I have alot of content in those categories that did terribly but I never gave up! I was confident in my content so I kept going now there are a few that have hundreds of thousands of views. I think it’s also content people want to see or the thumbnails are super appealing so they click on it.
How do you fit social media into your every day life? 
Social media consumes just about every spare second of my life! I live and breath for it. I do have to force myself to put my phone away and give myself a break every now and then though because it’s important to exist in the real world too, not just the internet world.
How many hours a week do you think you would work on your social media?
I would spend 4-6 hours a week day on it, that’s when I’m normally posting to Instagram, writing back to comments, dms and emails and my entire weekends are usually dedicated to filming and editing my video related content.
What was the first brand or sponsorship you worked with and how did it come about?
I think it was a Loving Tan! I actually filmed my tanning routine because it had been requested and I knew people like Lauren Curtis, Jaclyn Hill etc had codes for free tanning mitts so I thought mmm I wonder if they’d give little old me a code, I emailed and they did! Once my routine went up they loved the content so much they asked if I’d like to collaborate on a regular basis so I have been ever since and that was about 2 years ago now. I’d used their tan for years prior to that so it was a really special moment for me!
How did you develop your on going relationship with brands and other people you have had collaborations with? 
I think a big part of developing my relationship with brands has been sharing about my genuine love for their products! That’s how most brands discover you and your content, when you’re actively using their products and tagging them, showing love etc they usually show it back and that’s how you form a close relationship with them.
Do you have any tips for people wanting to turn their social media influence into an income?
I’m probably not best person to give advice on how to turn it in to an income because I’m still trying to figure out how to do that for myself lol!  There are certainly plenty of opportunities to earn money from social media however, it is also a very saturated platform so there are potentially hundreds of other people the same size, with the same style of content wanting to score that same opportunity and to be able to be the one who gets those sponsorships you really need to nurture your relationships with brands and your followers that way when campaigns come up you’ll be one of the first people that come to mind. A lot of big brands offer affiliate programs too! Which is commission based, so you have a code and links and if people purchase via your recommendation using your code or link you earn a % of that sale. There are also platforms like Tribe! It’s a market place where brands put up info of content they are after, you can submit your work and your rate, if they love it bang you get the sponsorship.
You have such high quality content so tell us about your studio & production set up? What did you use when you started your social media journey?
For YouTube I started off with a Canon 600d, natural lighting and iMovie but now I use a Canon 70d, ring light, two umbrella lights, lapel microphone and iMovie. For Instagram flatlays I just use my iPhone 8plus, Facetune and Enlight.
What has been the high and low of being on social media? 
The high of social media is certainly the beautiful friends I’ve made! I talk to so many amazing girls and women from all over the world daily and their friendship really brings me so much happiness! The low is being subject to uncalled for hate. Some really nasty people spend their time online and feel the need to try to bring others down which I’ll never understand. I have an extremely low tolerance for bullies and unnecessary negativity so although it doesn’t affect my self esteem or confidence it is an annoyance that I’d prefer to not have to deal with.
Who have been your biggest influences on social media?
I’d have to say a bunch of the OG big YouTubers have been my biggest influences, Karissa Pukas was the first beauty account I ever watched, I was totally fascinated by everything she did and every aspect of her life and it’s because of people like her that I started my social media journey.
If social media died tomorrow what would your next path be creatively (or professionally)? 
I still work a normal job and it’s for my parents family owned business and I actually love working with them so I would just continue with that and would most likely be spending my free time building and selling houses. My partner Brett and I built our first house over 3 years ago and it was one of the funnest experiences of my life! The intention was to keep turning them over but then I started YouTube so don’t really have the time to commit to building and selling houses at the moment so if this ever just ended that’s what I’d be doing!

You can find Hannah on Instagram & Periscope at @hannah_schroder, on Twitter at @HanSchroder , on Snapchat under HansHeaven and on YouTube at

  • Please note that Instagram embedding codes were not generating when publishing this interview, so only YouTube content is linked. Please visit Hannah’s instagram to see her beautiful shots, and I will update this page at a later time when the codes are available to share.


  1. This is such a cool series! I love Hannah and have actually been able to meet her and she is the most humble and beautiful human ever!

    Loved the interview! Well done!

    Cortney |

    • Thank you so much Cortney! 😘 I’m hoping Hannah & I get to meet at some stage too!

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