My eBooks: Starting Out SMART in the Beauty Instagram Influencer Community

I wrote an eBook. Well 3 technically and I am pretty proud of myself! 😀

I like helping people and I like seeing people succeed and hit their goals no matter how big or small they are.

After spending years in Facebook beauty groups posting my tips, tricks and experiences about Instagram, beauty business and social media (some of my favourite topics to talk about!), Continue Reading


I love building community and finding like-minded people and that’s exactly what #digitalbeautybabes is about! I have created a Facebook group which is going to be a sister group to The Makeup Social – It’s called #digitalbeautybabes and its made for connecting and teaching people who have beauty related accounts on social media! It’s a place where we’ll share information on social media, the latest social media beauty related news and a place to share and connect your social media platforms. Need equipment tips and tricks for Youtube? Need help building your blog? Learning Twitter? New Instagram algorithm updates? It’s the place to be! So please come and join us at