A word from my beauty desk

Well I did it; I started. – that’s the hardest part of anything.

Welcome to my beauty blog where you will hear the musings, thoughts and questions from myself – April Belle. You may of come across this blog from the way of my social media channels where you may follow me

(Woohoo! Great job – you’re already my favourite!) or you come from The Make Up Social – a Facebook group where I admin over at and spend all my time talking with other beauty and makeup junkies from Australia and around the world about the latest of whats going on in the beauty community!

I want to use this blog to get out what I’ve learnt about the beauty industry and community and to give you my take on current trends, products and news. Like you, I am just a real girl (woman) who uses real makeup, but I have no filter. In my words or photos. What you see is what it is. Raw and unedited.

I’m currently writing my first piece on a topic I hear over on TMUS a lot but I am astounded that their are so many people uneducated on this topic. Its a little taboo but I think it’s important for consumers to understand what they are saying and what it means … to be continued…


  1. Awesome work April, you should be very proud! Looking forward to reading your next piece!

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