An interview with Stephanie Rice – Unichi Wellness’ newest ambassador

In May this year, Unichi Wellness announced Stephanie Rice as their Asia-Pacific ambassador. Stephanie has been the darling of Australian Sport for many years. The three-time Olympic gold medal winner and five-time world record breaker is a perfect fit for the Unichi Wellness brand. Like Stephanie, Unichi believes everyone should be free to express their true inner self. They believe real beauty comes from within and that beauty is about confidence, integrity and unconditional love — both yourself ourself and the people around you.

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Unichi carries the health supplement brands Origins of Australia, Zinc Plus Oyster for men, Saffronia (one of Stephanie’s favourites!) and the skincare range Forty Fathoms (one of my favourites!)

I have been recently trialing the Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator Cream* for the past few weeks. It’s quite a thick cream which comes with a little spatula which I LOVE – I’ve been using it at night to let it sink in and regenerate the skin cells. My skin has been reacting really well to it (I’ve come off having dry patches of skin from the use of another product) and this has helped a lot get it back to a softer plump feel.

I’ve also been using the Saffronia* supplements. Saffronia was the first saffron supplement to focus on emotional wellbeing in Australia. It claims to help with tension, anger, fatigue and low moods. I find these a little hard to grade as many other things can contribute to these changing factors in your body, however, I did find when taking these I felt a little more zen-like, calm and peaceful during the day – while I continue to take these I hope to see more benefits.


I recently had the chance to talk to Stephanie about her ambassador role with Unichi, her must-have beauty products and how she celebrates her uniqueness

First off – Congratulations on being named the Asia-Pacific ambassador for Unichi Wellness. With Unichi being all about the beauty from within, tell us what do you like to do that makes you feel beautiful from the inside?

Each morning I take time out to prime my day by doing a meditation or visualisation exercise to keep me optimistic about my goals. I think if you have the right mindset you can feel confident about all aspects of your day, and there is nothing as beautiful as confidence.

I also love taking time out in the kitchen, knowing I am making a nourishing meal for myself is a self-care ritual that leaves me feeling blissful.

You always look so beautiful on Instagram feed, your skin is always so glowy – what are your top 3 beauty tips for looking so radiant?

  1. Water, you can never underestimate the power of water!
  2. A hydrating moisturiser – my current favourite is Forty Fathoms’ Skin Regenerator
  3. Opting for a natural moisturiser such as coconut oil for my body

Unichi Wellness has a range of health and wellness products from cremes to supplements – being the ambassador they would be keeping you well stocked with their products! What has been your favourite product so far that you can recommend to us?

I can’t look past the  Saffronia tablets which are a natural mood enhancer. Each morning I take 2 tablets to make sure I’m kickstarting the day with the right attitude, especially if I know I have a busy day ahead or am travelling.

You looked amazing on the red carpet recently at the Longines Women In Sport event in some killer red pants and a matching red lip – do you have a favourite red go-to lipstick?

Thank you!! I love glamming up every now and then. My current fav is by NARS and it’s creamy pencil with blue undertones which suit my olive skin.

Unichi is all about celebrating being unique, striving to be your best and being your authentic self. What does this mean to you and in a world of social media do you feel a pressure to fit a certain mould?

I don’t feel any external pressure to be someone I’m not, but I’ve definitely felt that way before and it was incredibly draining and stressful. That’s why I’m always sharing the importance of being yourself & being unique over social media, because its so say to find yourself comparing your life to someone else’s and most of the time what you see isn’t actually real. So I try my best to make my page unique and offer authentic, real, honest advice in my posts. My goal is that my page is somewhere where people can feel better, more positive and more knowledgeable for checking it, rather than worse.

Stephanie Rice can be found on Instagram at @itsstephrice and for more on Unichi please visit

*Thanks to Frank PR and Unichi Wellness for the coordination of the interview. Unichi products were sent for review and opinions given are my own and are based on my own personal testing.

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