My eBooks: Starting Out SMART in the Beauty Instagram Influencer Community

I wrote an eBook. Well 3 technically and I am pretty proud of myself! 😀

I like helping people and I like seeing people succeed and hit their goals no matter how big or small they are.

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I love building community and finding like-minded people and that’s exactly what #digitalbeautybabes is about! I have created a Facebook group which is going to be a sister group to The Makeup Social – It’s called #digitalbeautybabes and its made for connecting and teaching people who have beauty related accounts on social media! It’s a place where we’ll share information on social media, the latest social media beauty related news and a place to share and connect your social media platforms. Need equipment tips and tricks for Youtube? Need help building your blog? Learning Twitter? New Instagram algorithm updates? It’s the place to be! So please come and join us at


Series 1 Episode 12 – @shanicejade_makeup

@SHANICEJADE_MAKEUP With series 1 of Inside The Beauty Influencers Studio coming to an end I find it really fitting to interview Shanice. When I created this series, I had in mind that it could help those with a beauty passion see into the inside workings of what a beauty influencer or blogger does. Thier journey and advice to be taken in and then to inspire those who want to learn and be beauty content creators. Within the last 12 months, Shanice has started working as a makeup artist, ranked in the top 30 for the 2018 NYX Professional Makeup Australian Face Awards, attended her first beauty industry event and celebrated gaining 1000 followers on Instagram! She is the picture of where hard work, persistence and a passion can take you…

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Series 1 Episode 11 – @jacintavukovic

@JACINTAVUKOVIC You know when you lock eyes with someone across a busy train and you know there is something special there …. well thats how Jacinta and I first met … haha kinda. After the Jordan Liberty Masterclass (AMAZING!) in Melbourne earlier this year we were both on a train and noticed we had NYX Professional Makeup goodie bags in hand and well the rest was history! Well for like five minutes and then I got off at my stop. We had enough time to chat about the class and how amazing Jordan is, swap Instagrams and find out we we’re in the same makeup groups on Facebook! Since then we’ve been big supporters of each other ever since – she is a SUPER talented lip artist and all round beautiful girl. With over 3,000 followers on Instagram she talks to be about creative blocks, her social media inspiration and how her Instagram account lead her to University…  Continue Reading

Series 1 Episode 10 – @tanya.mua

@TANYA.MUA Tanya has such an interesting social media story so far. I met her at an event for the first time a year ago and I remember chatting to her and congratulating her on her “Insta Baddie” viral video which had helped her jump from [approx] 10,000 followers on Instagram to 20,000 in what seemed in a blink of an eye. Her original video post has now been seen over one million times and has been shared on some of the largest beauty accounts in the world. Fast forward 12 months and she has now over 128,000 Instagram followers and has consistently put out new looks and has taken on pop culture trends. Tanya talks to us about to ugly side of viral content, the worth of social media influencers and the art of giving back.

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An interview with Stephanie Rice – Unichi Wellness’ newest ambassador

In May this year, Unichi Wellness announced Stephanie Rice as their Asia-Pacific ambassador. Stephanie has been the darling of Australian Sport for many years. The three-time Olympic gold medal winner and five-time world record breaker is a perfect fit for the Unichi Wellness brand. Like Stephanie, Unichi believes everyone should be free to express their true inner self. They believe real beauty comes from within and that beauty is about confidence, integrity and unconditional love — both yourself ourself and the people around you.

Sooo in love with all of these @unichi_wellness brand campaign photos 😘

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Unichi carries the health supplement brands Origins of Australia, Zinc Plus Oyster for men, Saffronia (one of Stephanie’s favourites!) and the skincare range Forty Fathoms (one of my favourites!)

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Series 1 Episode 9 – @makeupbyorin

@MAKEUPBYORIN Orin has had a big win this week – she now has 3000 followers on Instagram! A proud accomplishment to celebrate! Orin is an Australian Instagrammer and make up artist who has been a makeup junkie since they day she stole her mum’s lipstick! She talks to me about finding inspiration in others, having both a social media and non digital life, tackling the Instagram algorithm and her holy grail face masks!

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Series 1 Episode 8 – @guiltyobsession__artistry

@GUILTYOBSESSION__ARTISTRY Tameika McBride is a triple threat. Makeup. Hair. Spray Tans…. Boom! She is an Adelaide based qualified makeup artist for over 6 years who I have made friends with over social media starting off in the beauty Facebook group ‘The Makeup Social‘ and flowing over chatting and supporting each other over on Instagram. With over 2,500 followers on the gram, she consistently posts client looks, mini tutorials and fun expressive looks she’s creating on herself. Tameika talks to me about being a working Makeup Artist slash Instgarammer, working with The Quick Flick and her plans for when social media dies…

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Series 1 Episode 7 – @heygorgeousxxx

@HEYGORGEOUSXXX Chloe Jacobs is cute as a button. She just is. I kinda feel that’s all I need to say with this intro. With over 21,000 followers on YouTube and over 9,000 on Instagram this Kiwi is someone you just want to be friends with. She can be found actively all over social media, but YouTube is her baby. She creates beauty tutorials, story time videos, DIY projects, products reviews and much more. She talks to me about connecting with her followers, the hard yards of YouTube and her love of ancient artifacts…

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