Blogging is easy I told myself…

Blogging is hard. I don’t know how many people talk about it, but it’s a lot harder that I ever thought. I imagine, I would set up my blog and i would just do it. It would just appear and I would have time for it.
Not so much.

I spend a lot of time reading though Facebook groups for bloggers and everyone talks about the 104,282 things you need to do to have the “perfect post” – photos, promos, drafts, more photos, cross account promos….. its all very overwhelming – and here I am panicking I’m not doing it “right” … I just want to talk/write. I often find myself writing on makeup groups and forums – long (enough) spiels about what I think on certain topics or products and i was saying to myself the other day – girl, this is why you set up your blog, to have a voice! USE it. You’re already doing it and you don’t even realise is.
It’s not as hard as you build it up to be in your head. Just write …. the rest will come.

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